GetItOn – Dating Site Review

Let’s face it –if you’re a single and in search of a partner, compatibility is the key. There’s personality and character compatibility, likes and dislikes, educational levels, language, race and ethnicity, religious beliefs, fantasies, etcetera, etcetera, the list goes on and on. But what most see but fail to acknowledge is the need for compatibility in a particular area where it matters a tad much –sexual chemistry.

For a traditional face-to-face dating relationship type, finding out each other’s sexual compatibility may take some time, a lot of time actually. That would mean a lot of wasted time waiting only to find out that when it comes to the sack, you don’t like how your partner does it.

That is precisely why GetItOn came into existence. It is a unique adult dating site that matches up couples basing on their sexual compatibility. How does it work? First, of course, you’ll need to sign up. This sign up ultimately grants you a free basic membership that lets you in on a sneak peek on some of the site’s features, including their growing member database of hot and sexy singles, waiting to be paired up with you.

When you first get into GetItOn, a full page worth of questions will be available for you to tick on. No complicated essays, just a choice range from «Gotta have it» to «Never gonna happen» to determine your sexual preferences and characteristics. Upon completing this, you’ll then fill in some personal details for your profile, the type of relationship you’re looking for, and then you’re done!

On site, Get It On makes it breezy for you to be finding your compatible mate by just clicking on their «best matches» section where you will be presented a list of members and their corresponding scores for the sexual compatibility test given at the beginning of registration, indicating just how much they match up to your answers. You can also compare answers with the members, as Get It On can show you a side by side comparison. Such searches can save you a lot of time in finding the perfect hook-up for the night, or the perfect match for a lifetime.

When you do decide on stepping things up, you may avail of their Premium memberships where you will be granted full access to all the site’s many features. There’s the advanced and more in depth searches, including searches for who are online and available to chat; the communication features such as live chat, webcam, email, and audio/video messaging; block and ignore members who do not pass your taste; video profiles you can watch all day long; a hotlist of hotties and a friends list of guy and gal pals; and a special adult content filter for in case you do not wish to view adult content, or if there are minors and little kids running around the house and may check out what you’ve been up to while you’re busy somewhere else.

Get It On frankly understands that in a relationship, some of the things that may matter most are found beneath the sheets. And so they are here to help you achieve the bliss of sexual compatibility with that significant other in just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.