How Shy and Introverted Guys Build Attraction and Make a Woman Come Up to Them

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One of the keys to attracting a woman is the ability to influence their behavior. There are several tactics different master PUAs use to get the girl of their desire and mind tricks are among them. If you’re an avid fan of PUA techniques, then you’d know by now what tricks are more likely to build attraction and make a woman like you.
But not all of us have been introduced to this amazing world of meeting and picking up women. There are guys—like you—who are too shy to make a move on a woman.
Yes, I’m talking to you, my friend. If the last time you’ve been out with a girl was months, or God forbid, years ago, then you will certainly benefit from what I am going to spill right now.
Persuasion is key
Your ability to persuade or how to influence people will help you make a woman attracted to you. I understand you’re shy and not outgoing. And I know that even though there’s nothing in this world that you want more than to be comfortable with being extroverted, sometimes, you just can’t make yourself do it. And we need to play with the cards we have, right?
There are tons and tons of materials out there that provide men who are courageous enough to get out of their shell with tips on how to approach a woman and build attraction. I realize now that every one of us are different—forgive the cliché—and that there should be help available for shy guys who desperately want to meet women.
And here it is.
Persuasion is crucial to your journey. You may not be as confident walking up to a woman and initiating conversation or not walk with a self-assured swagger, but you can always try to play with her mind. Mental tactics will help you a lot, I guarantee you. You just need to know the right buttons to push and she’s all yours.
How do you build attraction when you can’t walk up to a woman?
Believe it or not, mind tricks are very easy to do. You can build attraction even from afar. Let’s say you are in a bar and you spot this cute girl that you instantly liked. Now you know you don’t have the guts to walk up to her and start a conversation. But what you can do is simply smile at her.
Yes, smile. Most guys forget this. Smiling makes you glow. And if she sees you with a pleasant face, she will, at the very least, have the impression that you are a nice fella. Then go to the bar (if she’s sitting near) and order a drink for yourself.
Don’t think about walking up to her because you’ll get nervous. What you do is condition your mind. Your goal for walking over to where she is is to get yourself a beer. Now when you pass by her and she’s looking at you, smile again. I’m pretty sure she’ll at least acknowledge your smile. If you’re lucky, she’ll be smiling back at you.
Stay where you are with your beer. No need to think of what to say to her, because, again, you’ll get nervous and maybe say the wrong thing. Just chill. And don’t drop that hint of smile in your face. Scan the room and get a glimpse of her from time to time—with your smile.
She’ll be so curious and interested in you that she’ll wonder why you aren’t making moves to get to know her. She’ll think that you are interested at her based on the times you smiled and looked at her. But your seemingly ‘disinterest’ in her will get her to think you must be up to something. Then she won’t be able to take it anymore and say ‘hi’ first.
What happens next is up to you, my friend. Now that you’ve gotten her attention and managed to get her to speak to you first is quite a feat. She’ll expect you to have something good to say to her, so give it to her. Be natural. That’s all you need to do.
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