How to Approach A Group of 3 Women

Students of female behavior have long been fascinated by the phenomenon of the 3 set.  For some strange reason, women tend to gather in groups of three, especially at clubs.  Ever notice that?
A 3 set is just the PUA way of referring to a group of three girls together.  Whatever the cause of this mysterious behavior, it makes a lot of pick up newbies nervous; after all, if you sweat talking to one girl, how can you manage three at a time?  The truth is, it’s actually not all that difficult.  In fact, 3 sets offer some unique opportunities that one-on-one encounters don’t, like establishing your social worth (a more advanced topic covered in detail in our Members’ Section).  Here are some tips on what to do and what to look out for when dealing with three chicks at once.
Proximity alarm
In any pick up situation, women subconsciously display their level of attraction to you through their proximity.  While in most situations it can be difficult to gauge interest by proximity, in the case of the 3 set, it actually breaks down into a predictable formula:  the girls will adopt a triangular formation, with the two farthest away facing you, and the third girl, the one closest to you, standing with her back to you.  Now, here’s the kicker:  the one with her back to you is the one who is most interested in you out of the three.
Sounds improbable, right?  And yet it’s true.  The interested girl will often be nervous, and afraid of showing too much interest in you, so she’ll look at her friends.  They, in turn, will try to catch glimpses of you over her shoulder, to describe your every move to her.  Sounds stereotypical, yes, but you can observe it at any given club, on any given weekend.  And, in fact, guys do it too–guys who don’t know better, anyway.
Body rock, y’all
Once you move in for the kill, you’ll want to engage both the interested party and her friends with your attitude, cocky comedy, and other mad PUA skills.  A particularly useful technique when dealing with 3 sets is bodyrocking.  This is a sort of half-turn or half-step backwards, away from the group, followed a second or two later by a step back in their direction.  Bodyrocking plays down your interest–which, remember, you don’t want to overemphasize–by suggesting that you’ve got somewhere else to go, or something else to be doing.  Which, in turn, generates further interest in the target woman.
Bodyrocking should be accomplished in a languid, nonchalant manner, and should only be performed a couple of times per minute, at most.  Fast, repeated bodyrocking will probably make you look like a spastic freak, so remember, play it cool.  Once the girl starts to show signs of interest–e.g. playing with her hair, touching her neck, asking questions about you–you should tone it down even further.  Showing too little interest can damage your game, too.
These tips for dealing with 3 sets apply to groups of more than three women at a time, too, as well as mixed groups of guys and girls.  Just think of guys as ugly girls, and treat them accordingly.
Eventually, you’re going to want to get the target girl by herself; at this point, your other attraction techniques become even more important.  So get a head start; head over to the Members’ Section and bone up on all the best pick up techniques.  We’ve got you covered for every dating scenario, from 3 sets to solo chicks, and everything beyond and in between, so don’t wait:  join now!
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