How to Approach Girls and Get the One You Want in 3 Seconds—Or Less

Not so many men know how to approach girls the right way. Most guys become so overwhelmed by nervousness that they end up not walking up to a chick at all. That’s why we have the 3 second rule.
If you want to meet women and be happy, summon all the courage in your body to walk over and talk to a woman. It’s all or nothing, pals.
Do you want to know why even though you are so attracted to this girl and want to walk up to her you end up getting glued to your seat? It’s because you’ve let the window of opportunity pass by!
When it comes to approaching women, you have to take action in 3 seconds. After that time frame, you can bet your house that you’ll never find the courage to walk up to her again.
The secret to meeting girls and dating them is taking action. Procrastination is your number 1 enemy during the first stage of dating. If you miss that opportunity to introduce yourself to her, you may not have the chance again.
The 3-second rule is very important because it allows you to act on your instinct. It keeps you from over-thinking stuff, and letting you take action. It’s like adrenaline rush. The moment you see an attractive girl don’t waste time and walk up to her immediately! It’s good because what you’re feeling is the desire to get to know her and not nervousness.
This does 2 things:
–       Sets you apart immediately because you appear confident.
–       Makes you look like someone with SOMETHING to offer her.
If you wait more than 3 seconds to do something, your mind will start thinking about stuff that could ruin your chances of getting to know her.
What if she doesn’t like the way I look?
What will I say?
Will she talk to a stranger?
Am I attractive enough for her?
Then you’ll start to become worried about everything else. You’ll get so nervous that you’ll decide to not do something at all and risk being rejected and humiliated.
So where does that leave you?
If you want to get the girl you like, stop thinking and act right away. Always bear in mind the 3-second rule. Don’t let any thoughts keep you from taking action because that will affect your confidence. And you know how much role confidence plays on how to approach girls.
You don’t have to be the loser here. Just remember to charge the instant you see the red cloth. It’s not hard to follow the 3-second rule. All you need to do is act on your instinct. Think of the prize, not the possible consequences.
Be confident and approach a girl in under 3 seconds.
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