Foreplay: Creating Magic In The Bedroom

Foreplay is something that is important to some men and almost ALL women. I like to say that men are like microwaves and women are like crock-pots….. it takes women a lot longer to warm up! On many occasions, our men are ready to have sex anytime and anywhere. Although this is appealing to some women, us women usually like a little more excitement before actually doing the dirty deed! Now, do not get me wrong. There are many women who like the occasional quickie…. Wham, bam, thank you mam! But, for those times that we are not looking for a quick roll in the hay, foreplay activities are the way to go!

Foreplay is something that can be achieved in numerous ways. It can start with something as simple as a phone call, telling your partner that you cannot wait to see him or her. Of course, you mean that you cannot wait to see your partner naked! By using foreplay, you are trying to set the mood for an erotic and sexual encounter. Some small but very significant things that you do can get your partner thinking about you in a sexual way. You may want to leave a note in his or her briefcase. Write exactly what you want to do to that person later. Of course, if you are feeling a little on the frisky side, you can go as far as leaving a nude photo of yourself, or a pair or your sexy panties in the pocket of his pants. By doing any of this, you will get your partner in the mood and probably drive him or her crazy all day thinking about you!

Once the two of you are together, it is time to start your phases of foreplay. Phase one involves time together to relax. Perhaps you would like to share a bottle of wine. Candlelight definitely adds a nice touch. During this time, you should only be talking about and experiencing each other. By all means, do not allow any stress factors into this equation. This means no discussing work, children, financial problems or any other topics that tend to trigger a negative response or emotion. Now it is time to move to the phase two.

Each couple can distinguish what their phase two consists of. Some couples may like to take a shower or bath together. (Side note: If either party feels uncomfortable with oral sex, a shower is a great way to help this. By showering, you do not have to worry about the way you or your partner tastes, smells, etc.) With your shower or bath, you should take turns washing each other. Candles in the bathroom will also add to the ambiance.  If you take a bath together, bubble bath should be used. Once you are done in the bathroom, it is time to move to the bedroom. Now, the fun can really begin!

Once you are in the bedroom, it is up to the couple to participate in what feels right to them. Perhaps games can be played. Many companies, (Pure Romance is one), sells card games, spicy dice, naughty games for lovers, etc. to help get the engines started! Or, you may want to go straight to tickle whips, feathers, blindfolds and handcuffs. These items can help tease and arouse each other. By now, both partners should be feeling turned on and aroused. But, the foreplay fun will still continue!
Massage is another great way to break the ice. Always use an oil or lotion. A glove or hot heart massager always work well. This may help relax your partner, and all the rubbing and touching is sure to turn both of you on!

Edible body powders are a great segway to oral or vaginal pleasure. Now ladies, as you are reading this, you may think I am crazy. You may be sitting there saying to yourself, foreplay…ha! I’m lucky if I get a few minutes of it! Well, ladies, today is your lucky day because I am going to let you in on a little secret that will definitely increase your foreplay. When using an edible body powder, sprinkle it on yourself in four different spots. I want you to tell your man that you put it in FIVE spots. Men are natural born hunters. If they think there are five spots to lick, he will keep licking and licking and licking. By the time he realizes there were only four spots, or you have mercy on him and let him in on the secret, you gained yourself a lot of extra time, and by now you will be ready to go!

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for! It is time for the final phase. At this point, sexual intercourse is the main objective. Although both partners should be turned on and ready to get wild, it is important to keep a couple thing in mind. The first is a lubricant should be used. Some women may be as dry as a desert in Arizona, while others may be as wet as a waterfall. However, a lubricant will only add pleasure to both the man and woman. It will make sexual intercourse more comfortable. For the nights that you are lucky enough to have marathon sex sessions, a lubricant is a necessity. And, if you are planning on participating in anal intercourse, you should ALWAYS use a lubricant since our anal cavities do not produce any type of natural lubrication. A silicone based lubricant is the best for anal pleasure. The second thing to remember is to always participate in safe sex. Always use proper birth control! If you are in a monogamous relationship, and you are positive that both of you have no sexually diseases, it is your decision if you want to use condoms or not. But, keep in mind that condoms do not prevent all sexually transmitted diseases. If you are not trying to get pregnant, definitely use birth control. The pill is effective in preventing pregnancy, but DOES NOT keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases. And, like always, the key to a healthy sex life is to keep open communication with your partner at all time! Happy Foreplay!