How To Get A Date In 3 Steps

Have you ever thought in your head?
How to get a date!
How do I get a date?
What do I need to do to get a date!
Well if you have then chances are you might be causing the problem.
Why do I say that?
Attraction between men and women is complex yet simple. It is complex because our left brain male logic makes a simple concept hard!
You ever notice why the bad boys get the girls? You want to know how these bad boys think to get a date? Well it is because they keep it down to the primal level and generate massive amounts of attraction.

Instead of making “the date” the goal. These guys make the interaction being fun the goal. In fact they don’t really have any agenda at all. They don’t set out to impress women, they don’t set to let her know how much money they are making. They need none of these things to let the female know how much of an alpha male they are. That is what is attractive and that is how to get a date!
You need to stop worrying about whether you are being impressive around her. You need to stop worrying about everything. Period!

Just enjoy the interaction between you two, and “go with the flow” but divert where the current goes. Make it fun and interesting and playful then the natural inclinations between male and female interaction will take place. This is how you divert the current. By being fun and interesting.
So, enough about the philosophy and theory about how to get a date. Here’s something you can actually work with.

How to get a date in 3 steps

Invite her out casually – after you meet the girl or women, instead of asking her out on a date. Let her know that you want things much more fun and casual. Just say to her “hey let’s go hang out, I’m bored and you can come and entertain me”. Do not make the “get together” or “date” the focus of the conversation. This will come off as if you need something from her and you will immediately be less attractive. By making it less “formal” you put less focus on the outcome so the “date” has less pressure for either party to “impress one another”.
Be fun and interactive and flirty – constantly tease her and make fun of the situation she is in. Show her that you are a higher status male. Do not go into anything deep and meaningful. Do not go anywhere close to being emotional. What you want to do is let her experience emotions, not talk about it.
Repeat the above process – Just keep inviting her out casually and be fun and flirty. Sooner or later she’ll want to go out on a “proper date” or what not. If she wants this, continue with the fun theme and insist on her paying for you or picking you up. It would make for further interesting conversation and you can use that as a gauge to see how keen she is on you. If she is willing to pay, then it tells you something.