How to Kiss a Women

So you’re at that stage in a date when you want to kiss a woman. But you’re also keen not to get rejected, or get it ‘wrong’.
You want to know how to kiss a woman in a way that has her coming back for more (and minimizes any chance of her rejecting you or getting freaked out by the whole situation).
And that makes total sense.

As guys we hate getting things ‘wrong’ or being rejected. In fact, scientists have discovered that the area of the brain that deals with rejection is the same one that deals with physical pain. So, in many ways, being rejected is the same as being physically hurt from our brain’s perspective.
And then there are the other disastrous consequences of not knowing how to kiss a woman. You could totally destroy any chances of the relationship going further, she’ll feel disappointed, and she’ll probably tell her closest friends about it too (so the word will spread about how you screwed up the whole situation).
Not good. Definitely NOT good.
On the other hand, if you learn how to kiss a woman properly, you’ll have a powerful skill for feeling in total control and confident. You’ll feel that sense of great achievement in knowing how to please a woman and make her feel even more attracted to you. And you’ll also go way UP in her friends’ opinions too, as they spread the news of what a cool and fantastic guy you are.
So back to our subject of ‘How to Kiss A Woman’, and the key factors that will make you successful:
I forget who said it, but there’s a famous quote that goes something like, «There’s no truth without context». And this is SO true when it comes to kissing women. The situation has to be just ‘right’ for a kiss to be successful, and it’s not going to happen by accident.
Instead, you must take responsibility for creating the right context, sparking attraction in the woman, behaving in a way that makes her want to kiss you. So that when you decide it’s time to kiss, she’s already imagined it in her mind many, MANY times over. And the kiss is just a natural, irresistible and inevitable event. Set the right context, and everything else will flow effortlessly from that.
The woman you’re with is looking for you to take the lead and be in control. This doesn’t mean she wants you to dominate or overpower her. But she does want you to initiate and be decisive about kissing her.